Divorce can be an extremely stressful event in your life. Custody of minor children and division of hard-earned property are issues that drive directly to the core of the human experience and can easily take you to emotional highs and lows. Trust the guidance of this firm to steer you through the divorce process with rock solid advice based on decades of experience. Highly emotional issues will be addressed with straightforward reasoning to protect your interests during this most stressful period.

Child Custody and Support.

Custody of your minor children, child support and parenting time are issues that can impact your life and the lives of your children for years to come. This is not a time for parents to be selfish and think only of their individual desires but rather to act maturely for the benefit of their minor children. All too often, a parent will use issues related to a minor child as leverage to seek revenge against the other parent. As a parent you must avoid this temptation and strive to provide a safe, suitable and nurturing environment for your child. The advice and representation you will receive from the firm will aid you in obtaining fair and balanced results as well as avoiding the temptation to act in a way which may be harmful to your child or children.

Personal Protection Orders (PPOs).

Domestic violence is a problem our society faces all too often. Victims of domestic violence often feel helpless and trapped in their situation. Come to our firm and we will assist you in the process of obtaining a PPO or in dismissing a PPO which has been wrongly sought against you.

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Divorce, Child Custody and Support, and Personal Protection Orders (PPOs)